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16% more affiliates for 37% more sales.
What is the best online affiliates target for the best efficiency?

LivePerson + Keywords = Growth of browser
to buyer conversion rate

Free Shipping, a new eCommerce Trend?

Distinct selection of products sold on and offline could explain the differences of online growth rates between eRetailers




The new era of Web-based Prices systems to grow up margins

Will P2P market be a Paypal monopoly?

Only 26% of users trust e-commerce web sites. How to establish trust on a site?

The future of European banks will go through networked service centres

eShopability: what Internet users expect!

CRM, loyalty and attempts at preserving margins

The holiday shopping season has already started on the Internet: how to attract customers and transform your visitors into buyers?

Customer acquisition costs down 65% from a year ago: short and medium-term strategies used by retailers

How efficient do pop-up windows and other "blind" advertising campaigns really prove to be?

Online real estate: 60 percent of home purchases are initiated on the Internet. In France, 9.95 percent of Internet users visited a real estate Web site in March 2001

Which are the most "mature" countries on the Internet? Here is a survey by the Meta group.

Customisation versus Personalisation: a behavioural study that questions some eMarketing foundations.

How often should you send e-mail marketing messages?

m-commerce and other future innovations: it's time to come back to earth.

How to set the best price on the Internet

Online real estate: market consolidation in the USA

Start-ups: 10 advice to stay alive

When first mover advantage becomes first looser advantage

Consumers change their e-mail addresses more and more often - the limits of e-mail marketing

How to improve its margins…without driving its customers away? Amazon's answer

Will BtoB manage to rescue an advertising BtoC space that happens to be weaker and weaker every day?

Dinosaurs: are bricks going to cover clicks again?

Online customer satisfaction=1 ; offline customer satisfaction=0

Can Internet really change the way consumers behave?

Multi customer registration is a delayed-marketing bomb



Internet is now the most important media for the luxury sector

Online Paid Content is Back: $5.4 billions in... 2007... perhaps...

eRetail online sales grew 27% in Q1 2003 year to year

Two Europeans out of three will be online by 2006

The fact that Internet consumers are more and more mature led to a big increase of online sales in the first quarter of 2002

Women with children do not have the same shopping behaviours as women without children

Revenues from e-mail marketing services are expected to triple

eCommerce and holiday shopping season

eMail Marketing analysed in 13 European countries

Online consumer confidence is increasing!

Surfing at work: a massive and lasting reality in consumers' behaviour today

429 million users on the web... who does not believe the Internet has a future?

What sections of the Internet population should be targeted between now and 2005?

The use of the Internet is now starting to eat away at TV, radio and press. Here are the consequences for announcers.

300 billion dollars already invested in third-generation mobiles but m-commerce still remains a failure according to…consumers.

Gartner Group: downgrading of the figures for the European B-to-B.

Music: sales of Singles drop dramatically. Would that be the Napster effect?

French online brokerage: 38.81% of Exclusive fidelity rate for the site Consors.fr

Is Lemoneymag.fr a bridgehead for French banking group BNP Paribas on the Internet?

Are free eNewsletters good business drivers?

Which are the online centers of interest of the banking websites visitors?

72 percent of US online consumers made at least one purchase on the web during the last quarter of 2000.

Online shoppers favour basic, really useful features.

Internet users are good customers… offline!

Music. Too late, Internet users have become used to downloading it for free!

Online brokerage: 3,74 million Europeans bought and sold shares online in 2000.

Most Internet users visit financial news Web sites during the day.

The future of the banner is still looking rosy.

The limits of the studies by the offer analysis: should we always trust Forrester, Jupiter, etc…?

The future of E-Marketplaces under suspicion.

Online retail business gets mitigated results over the holiday season.

Etailers' delivery time: first difficult attempts at standardizing measures.

Online advertising remains of interest.

It is more and more expensive to acquire new customers on a web site.

Design & programming: 33% of the web functioning budgets.

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Content delivery networks: the new quality stakes for Web sites.

Open source in the Enterprises: a compelling move?

Why will EDI keep on existing along with XML

No Broadband in sight. What about telling Web designers about it?

eCRM: myth or reality?

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UK online mortgage market is expected to reach £15 billion by 2006, provided that…

45% of U.S. consumers who use online financial services are willing to have their accounts managed by a single institution

Crisis of the Internet values, crisis of confidence, crisis full stop: how long and how deep?

Traditional banks versus "virtual" banks - The Latest figures

Goldman Sachs still has faith in online investment banks…

The independence of analysts under the scrutiny of American lawmakers.

Difficulties on the different financial markets, internal problems, which are the strategies that should be used in order to survive in the online brokerage sector?

The telephone is back in full swing and customers now request useful services that really meet their expectancies.

Dot-coms: when your cash stockpile happens to be higher than your market capitalization!

Online brokerage in the United-States: trading volume remains stable and customer service is ranked as the first customer satisfaction criterion.

Faced with pure-play direct banks, big actors get organised in order to play the online/offline synergies.

Online brokerage websites are presently going through difficult times in the United-States, France is still untouched.

Zebank: first exclusive figures.

62% of Americans who have a trading account do not seek advice on the Internet.

Uneven development of online trading activity. Online trading by Schwab customers plunged more than 14.3% in the fourth quarter of 2000.

Will Web banks ever be a threat to traditional banks?

The tantrums thrown by technology constitute a real threat for the online world of finance.

It is mainly in the morning that French people visit banking sites.

New media: business models remain extremely fragile.

Beware of Bargain-Bin e-Tail stocks: stop thinking Santa Klaus really exists!

Venture capital spending is flat.

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e humour

Why The Internet Is Like A Penis

Statisticians, statisticians...

Bill Gates died

Arrived Safely

Basic mathematics

Advertising versus...

You know you are an Internet Junkie when...

How the media would handle the end of the world

Top Ten Things You'll Never Hear from your Consultant.

Marketing and positioning.

Managers: Survival Kit.

Committee Rules - Oldest profession in the world.

Web deductions.

The craziest error messages.

2001 New Year Resolutions.

Medecine: what are the signs that your kid might be suffering from a rare and destructive computer disease?

Does your cell phone symbolize a sex object? Wireless technologies are getting all exited at the thought!

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