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April 23 2003









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  LivePerson + Keywords = Growth of
browser to buyer conversion rate

16% more affiliates
for 37% more sales
What is the best
online affiliates
target for the best

= Growth
of browser to buyer
conversion rate

Free Shipping, a new eCommerce Trend?

Distinct selection of
products sold on and
offline could explain
the differences of
online growth rates
between eRetailers

The new era of
Web-based Prices
systems to grow up

Will P2P market be
a Paypal monopoly?


The new service launched by LivePerson.com, an Application Service Provider specialized in live chat on e-commerce Web sites (live FAQ), moves away from this classic offer to be more pro-active in terms of sales.

"Live Keyword", the last born service in Web tracking tools, is a new technology designed to help businesses leverage their search engine traffic and let them see in real-time which keywords a customer used to find their website.

Live Keyword works with all major search engines and search result providers including Google but also AOL, Alta Vista, Find What, MSN, Yahoo and Overture.

According to a survey from DoubleClick, (Dec 2002) 41% of US online buyers say that they find the websites they use to research a purchase by using search engines.


This new LivePerson's commercial offer automatically highlights which website visitors came from a search engine and allows online customer service or sales agents to view the search engine and keyword used by the visitor. With this information, agents can offer a specific level of customer service, increasing close rates and total sale value.

Graeme Davidson, E-commerce Director of Alfi.com uses the new service: "Live Keyword has helped us increase our conversion rates from search engine visitors as well as refine our keywords we purchased through pay-per-click search engines (PPCSE). We are able to achieve a much higher ROI on our PPCSE spending."

The great interest of this offer is that the sales agent can then "push" an offer to a visitor who came for instance with a search about DVDs and propose him a special offer via a pop up or a chat live.

Possibilities are wide and we think that this is a very interesting step to enhance eCommerce sales.

Source : Liveperson.com

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