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16% more affiliates for 37% more sales.
What is the best online affiliates target for
the best efficiency?

16% more affiliates
for 37% more sales
What is the best
online affiliates
target for the best

= Growth
of browser to buyer
conversion rate

Free Shipping, a new eCommerce Trend?

Distinct selection of
products sold on and
offline could explain
the differences of
online growth rates
between eRetailers

The new era of
Web-based Prices
systems to grow up

Will P2P market be
a Paypal monopoly?

Commonly, everyone thinks that choosing its affiliates among a group of the largest top-producing affiliates, creating that way a maximum of traffic, is the best strategy.

Buy.com proved that on the contrary, the smaller to medium players perform a better role in contributing incremental sales while helping to minimize the costs. The site experienced 37% year-over-year sales growth through its linkshare.com affiliate program with a 16% increase in the number of affiliate sales partners.

The main strategy was not just to increase the traffic's site via common affiliates but to focus on targeted core-producers. These new affiliates are smaller to mid-size affiliates who drives a few sales each month.


Expanding your affiliates partners to smaller ones certainly means average a lower volume per affiliate but also reduced costs per order... With this strategy, Buy.com has reduced its average cost per order by 22% over the previous year.

Overstock.com also reported strong result with the same online strategy. Its total orders and revenue increased an average of over 28% each month for the six months ended December 2002 through its LinkShare affiliate program.

Overstock.com used also LinkShare's Dynamic Rich Media links and experienced conversion rates of 4.3% during December 2002, that's over 1,300% higher than the industry average (0.3%).

Source : Linkshare.com

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