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No 2000/1 - Monday, November 20, 2000

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Does your cell phone symbolize a sex object? Wireless technologies are getting all exited at the thought!

The New York Times recently published an extremely funny approach of a very serious survey that has been made by researchers from the University of Liverpool that aimed at finding out whether men had or not a different relationship to their cell phones than women.

As you well know, at eMarket, it is part of our job to analyze web surfers' behavior. That's why we thought that it was vital for us to analyze the importance of cell phones in our everyday life since wireless technologies are playing a bigger and bigger part everyday on the Internet.

Here is what noticed the researchers from the University of Liverpool in an upscale pub in Liverpool as they were observing layers, managers and other single professionals…

I love you, I love you not, I love you, I love you not

It seems that men (especially young men) are madly infatuated with their cell phones. Please note to that respect that only men seem to have such type of relationship with their mobile phone, women seem to be wiser and even though they appreciate those little tools, they still manage to keep things to proportion.

Another point worth mentioning is that more men than women appear to own cell phones.

Public attitude

And yet it does not seem quite enough to actually own a cell phone, men also want everybody to know that they do! That's the reason why they always take their phones out of their pockets or briefcases and place them on a place where everyone can see them whereas women usually keep them in their purses and retrieve them only as needed. Of course, you could easily say this is only because men do not own a purse but this is no excuse…

Secret attitude

When they are not aware of being overlooked, men fiddle with their cell phones, pick them up, move them here and there, check them to be sure the battery is charged… To cut a long story short, they are a real mother hen to their phones.

In front of the women

The more women there are in the public, the more men seem to play with their phones. But why, do you ask? Why indeed?

A cell phone to strut about

Just as peacocks try to seduce their girl-friends by using their immobilizing feathers and male bullfrogs sweet-talk their girl-friends thanks to their immoderate croaks, men use their phones to advertise to females their worth, status and desirability.

Men used to be in love with their cars, but the object of their desire seems to have been replaced by cell phones with the arrival of new technologies. Are cell phones a personification of their virility?

Cell phone or Jaguar?

In fact, surveys haven't quite managed to determine whether the exhibiting of a cell phone ever worked as a male courtship display. Are women more attracted to men who own a cell phone or not? Even though I must admit that it is a very good question, I have the regret to inform you that no one has dared give an answer just yet. Nevertheless, if you hesitate between buying a cell phone or a Jaguar, take the Jaguar, it seems to have more effect on the ladies…

Where will it stop?

A few questions come to mind…

1) What did men used to do before the invention of cell phones?

2) How did they manage to seduce women in the past?

3) What would men do if a sudden epidemic killed all the cell phones that can be found throughout the world?

We might give you the answer to those three questions in our next newsletter, so keep on reading …

If some of you wish to send me a good joke, please do not hesitate to do so, it will give us all a nice break after such a hard work (hey, you've been reading a lot of articles before this one, haven't you? Don't tell me you started with the eHumour one? You did? OK, forget I said anything…).


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